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VHS Annual Meeting 2022

The 184th Annual Meeting of the Vermont Historical Society

History for Homeschoolers - Vermont Artists

Examine works of art by Vermont Artists and learn how they captured Vermont stories.

LLHSM Annual Conference-2022

68th Annual Meeting of the League of Local Historical Societies & MuseumsOctober 29, 2022Manchester, VT Save the date for the 68th annual gathering of the LLHSM this fall in beautiful Manchester, VT.…

History for Homeschoolers - Vermont Government

Explore how state government works and visit the State House.

Active Collections Mini Workshop Virtual

Unsure what you should collect and what you might be able to deaccession? Want to make your collections work for you, rather than you working for the collections? Explore new practices in collections management and stewardship, with a focus on strategies for small historical societies, in this introductory workshop to the principles of the Active Collections movement.

History for Homeschoolers - Vermont People

Learn about the lives of ordinary Vermonters over time.

History for Homeschoolers - Vermont Weather

Play a winter game and learn how weather has affected Vermonters in the past. 

History for Homeschoolers - Vermont Geography

Use maps to consider how Vermont's history was influenced by geography.

History for Homeschoolers - Vermont Businesses

Examine historic documents and artifacts to learn about the history of businesses in Vermont.

Vermont History Day State Contest

Vermont History Day is an exciting education program that encourages students to develop research and critical thinking skills through project based learning and the study of history.

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