Ben Award Past Winners

Volumes 86-87
Marilyn S. Blackwell, Vermont and the Equal Rights Amendments: A Case against Exceptionalism, 87 (Summer/Fall 2019): 141-180

Volumes 84-85
Rebecca J. H. Woods, Green Mountain Merinos: From New England to New South Wales in the Nineteenth Century, 85 (Winter/Spring 2017): 1-19

Volumes 82-83
Kevin P. Thornton, Andrew Harris, Vermont's Forgotten Abolitionist, 83 (Summer/Fall 2015):119-156

Volumes 80-81
Michael Laramie, The French Lake Champlain Fleet and the Contest for the Control of the Lake, 1742-1760, 80 (Winter/Spring 2012): 1-32

Volumes 78-79
Jane Williamson, African Americans in Addison County, Charlotte, and Hinesburgh, 1790-1860. 78 (Winter/Spring 2010): 15-42

Volumes 76-77
John A. Sautter, Equity and History: Vermont's Education Revolution in the Early 1890s, 76 (Winter/Spring 2008): 2-18

Volumes 74-75
Vincent Edward Feeney, Pre-Famine Irish in Vermont, 1815-1844, 74 (Summer/Fall 2006): 102-126

Volumes 72-73
Keith Erekson, The Joseph Smith Memorial Monument and Royalton’s ‘Mormon Affair’: Religion, Community, Memory, and Politics in Progressive Vermont, 73 (Summer/Fall 2005): 118-151

Volumes 70-71
Michael Sherman, Brickyards and Frameworks: A Retrospectus and Prospectus on Vermont History Writing, 71 (Winter/Spring 2003): 11-45; and Blake Harrison, The Technological Turn: Skiing and Landscape Change in Vermont, 1930-1970, 71 (Summer/Fall 2003): 11-45

Volumes 67-69
Kenneth Degree, Malfeasance or Theft?: What Really Happened at the Middlebury Branch of the Vermont State Bank?, 68 (Winter/Spring 2000): 5-34

Volumes 65-66
David E. Narrett, 'I Must Again Remind You that You are a Vermonter': Henry Stevens, Historical Tradition, and Green Mountain State Patriotism in the 1840s, 66 (Summer/Fall 1998):

Volume 64
Donald A. Smith, Green Mountain Insurgency: Transformation of New York's Forty-Year Land War, 64 (Fall 1996) part 1 part 2

Volume 63
Deborah P. Clifford, Abby Hemenway's Road to Rome, 63 (Fall 1995)

Volume 62
William A. Haviland and Margory W. Power, A New Look at Vermont's Oldest Art: Understanding the Bellows Falls Petroglyphs, 62 (Fall 1994)

Volume 61
Gene Sessions, Espionage in Windsor: Clarence H. Waldron and Patriotism in World War I, 61 (Summer 1993)

Volume 60
Betsy Beattie, Migrants and Millworkers: The French Canadian Population of Burlington and Colchester, 1860-1870, 60 (Spring 1992)

Volume 59
Kevin Dann, From Degeneration to Regeneration: The Eugenics Survey of Vermont, 1925-1936, 59 (Winter 1991)

Volume 58
Marilyn S. Blackwell, Growing Up Male in the 1830s: Thomas Pickman Tyler (1815-1892) and the Tyler Family of Brattleboro, 58 (Winter 1990)

Volume 57
J. Kevin Graffagnino, ’Vermonters Unmasked’: Charles Phelps and the Patterns of Dissent in Revolutionary Vermont, 57 (Summer 1989)

Volume 56
Gary J. Aichele, Making the Vermont Constitution: 1777-1824, 57 (Summer 1988)

Volume 55
Gene Sessions, ’Years of Struggle’: The Irish in the Village of Northfield, 1845-1900, 55 (Spring 1987)

Volume 54
Colin G. Calloway, Green Mountain Diaspora: Indian Population Movements in Vermont, c. 1600-1800, 54 (Fall 1986)

Volume 53
Samuel B. Hand, Jeffrey D. Marshall and D. Gregory Sanford, ’Little Republics’: The Structure of State Politics in Vermont, 1854-1920, 53 (Summer 1985)

Volume 52
Colin G. Calloway, The Conquest of Vermont: Vermont’s Indian Troubles in Context, 52 (Summer 1984)

Volume 51
Lorna Quimby and Shepard B. Clough, Peacham, Vermont: Fifty Years of Economic Change, 1929-1979, 51 (Winter 1983)

Volume 50
Kenneth R. Stevens, James Grogan and the Crisis in Canadian-American Relations, 1837-1842, 50 (Fall 1982)

Volume 49
Margaret K. Nelson, Vermont Female Schoolteachers in the Nineteenth Century, 49 (Winter 1981)

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