Montpelier's Wrightsville Dam

Location: Montpelier
Tag(s): Innovation
Historical Category: Local History
Video Date: 9/29/23

When Central Vermont experienced catastrophic flooding in July 2023, the Wrightsville Dam was in the headlines. The recent floodwaters rose high enough that authorities were worried that its spill channel would be used for the first time, potentially sending even more water into Montpelier, which had been particularly hard-hit. Fortunately, the water receded, and ABC 22 and Fox 44 anchor Mike Hoey and Vermont Historical Society Executive Director Steve Perkins headed out to learn about how the dam was built in the aftermath of the flood of 1927, and about the Civilian Conservation Corps companies that built it.


This Place in History is produced in partnership by Local 22 & Local 44 ( and the Vermont Historical Society.

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