Past Exhibits at the History Center

connecticut river myths and legendsMyths and Legends of the Connecticut River
November 2019 to April 2020
Vermont History Center, Barre
The Connecticut River runs from the Atlantic Ocean to Canada, and the communities on its banks have varied and interesting stories to tell. The exhibit, on loan from the Connecticut River Museum, highlighted the vivid personalities, local legends, wildlife, and traditions of towns from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire – and of course, Vermont.

War of Ideas posterThe War of Ideas: Propaganda Posters from the VHS Collections
April to October 2019
Vermont History Center, Barre
Showcasing items from the Vermont Historical Society collections spanning the Civil War to World War II, visitors can examine how posters have been an important part of the wartime effort, for everything from recruitment to support on the homefront. In a pre-digital world, inspiring artwork and pithy phrases were a key way the United States government could boost patriotism and gain material support. Viewing these posters alongside each other allows you to see similarities and differences as that messaging evolved over a century.

Anything for Speed logoAnything for Speed
April 2018 to March 2019
Vermont History Center, Barre
Anything for Speed covers over a century of thrills and spills on the short track- and beyond, exploring the people, places and cars contributing to the fabric of our history in all corners of the state. Learn about the the drivers, owners, mechanics, promoters, and officials you’re heard of- and some you haven’t. Find out about the tracks all over the state, some that only existed for a few years and some that existed for decades, along with the mountains that have hosted hill climbs, the downtowns that hosted auto rallies, and the back roads that saw long distance races.

woman holding vegetablesFreaks, Radicals, & Hippies: Counterculture in 1970s Vermont
September 2016 to December 2017
Vermont History Center, Barre
What did counterculture mean in the 1970s? Who believed and practiced those ideas in Vermont? The exhibit shows the diversity of ideas from that decade, how they were realized, and how they continue to influence the state today. Highlights of the exhibition include a partial Geodesic Dome, Video and Listening Stations showcasing stories and images from the era, and a ‘Peace Hand’ Puppet from Bread &Puppet Theater. Access images and oral history interviews from the project at

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