Richford's Notorious 'Queen Lil'

Tag(s): Art and Culture
Historical Category: Government HistoryLocal History
Video Date: 11/3/23

Lillian Fleury of Richford, Vermont was a notorious owner of a line house that straddled the US-Canada Border. Born in Richford in 1866, she left the state for a series of business ventures, including selling medicine and opening a brothel in Boston. When she eventually returned to her hometown, she took advantage of the town's location during the Prohibition era, opening a brothel in the upper floors, and selling alcohol to patrons. Vermont Historical Society Executive Director Steve Perkins and ABC 22 & FOX 44 Mike Hoey travelled to Richford to learn more.


This Place in History is produced in partnership by Local 22 & Local 44 ( and the Vermont Historical Society.

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