Judges and Volunteers

three women talking with a student about an exhibit


"I liked being judged because I could share all the hard work I did." Vermont History Day student

Judges play an important role in the Vermont History Day process. Working in teams of three, judges interact with the student historians, asking them questions about their projects and research. At the end of the contest, judges provide written feedback for each student, providing encouragement and validation of the student's work.

Additional information about judging for Vermont History Day 2022 will be posted in February.


Two men holding signs that say Quiet, Judging in Progress.

Volunteers are also crucial for keeping the contest day running smoothly. Volunteers help with student registration, hallway monitoring, and other tasks that arise during the day.

Additional information about volunteering at Vermont History Day 2022 will be posted in February.

Contact Victoria Hughes at victoria.hughes@vermonthistory.org or call (802) 828-1413 for additional information.

Thank you!

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